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    • Privacy, the Law and the School
      Schools collect a large amount of personal information about students (past, present and future), their parents, staff and others who interact with the school. The Privacy Act imposes various controls on the collection, use, disclosure and security of this information. Charles and Jacob will provide an outline of these requirements and then work through a scenario in an interactive fashion during the webinar. As well as registering for the event please submit questions, topics, or comments at

      A number of documents for prior reading will be emailed to registrants including:
      -         Australian Privacy Principles – a summary for APP entities
      -         What are Schools’ Obligations Regarding Privacy of which ICT Managers Should Be Particularly Aware
      -         Personal Information Templates
      -         St Trinian’s Scenario

      AITSL Standards for teachers:
      • Charles Alexander
      • Mr Jacob Suidgeest
      • Charles Alexander was a partner at Minter Ellison for nearly 30 years and has practiced in the area of privacy since 2001 when the private sector was brought under the provisions of the Privacy Act. He has been a member of the Privacy Law Committee of the Law Council of Australia since its inception. He is a co-author of the Privacy Compliance Manual for the National Catholic Education Commission and National Council of Independent Schools.
      • Director, Regulation and Strategy Jacob Suidgeest is the Director of Regulation and Strategy at the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). He is responsible for the OAIC’s regulatory and strategic policy response to privacy issues across a number of areas including in new technologies, credit reporting, social media, whole of government projects and information security. Jacob is expert in conducting assessments (audits) of organisations and agencies against the Privacy Act and related Acts and in advising on the OAIC’s Privacy Management Framework.
      Provider: AISNSW
      Platform: ZOOM Webinar
      Target Audience: Admissions staff, senior management and ICT managers
      DateTime (ACT, NSW, Victoria) 
      Thursday, 17 November 201601:00 PM - 02:30 PMView Webcast
    • Educational Data Symposium 2017
      "The best schools are those who deliver the best progress for all of their students; maximising their achievement".

      Targeted teaching: How better data can improve the progress of every student (2015). The challenge for schools is not in knowing that educational data is crucial for school improvement, but in how best to approach school-wide engagement in data. The focus of this event is to provide school leaders with tools to implement school-wide data strategies to support teachers to use data to inform teaching practice. Presentations will include research that identifies strategies for leadership to enable teachers to use data effectively, successful school case studies and analysis of school data sets.

      In this 5.5 hour virtual event you will see and hear all presentations and can choose to share and interact through "chat" tools provided. A host will monitor the virtual audience and relay questions and comments to the presenters and live audience. You will also be given access to session recordings after the event.
      AITSL Standards for teachers:
      • Dr Lorna Earl
      • Mrs Denise Hayward
      • Prof Shelley Dole
      • Lorna Earl Ph.D. is the past president of the International Congress of School Effectiveness and School Improvement (ICSEI). She is retired from a position as Associate Professor in the Theory and Policy Studies Department and Head of the International Centre for Educational Change at OISE/UT and is currently a Professor at the University of Auckland. Throughout her career, she has concentrated her efforts on issues related to assessment and evaluation of large-scale reform in many venues around the world. Lorna has worked for over 30 years in schools, school boards, ministries of education and universities. As a leader in the field of assessment and evaluation, she has been involved in consultation, research, evaluation and staff development across the world. She is a prolific author and has written books, chapters and articles about assessment, using data for decision making, evaluation methods, knowledge mobilization, educational change and networking for school improvement.
      • Denise Hayward is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Tara Anglican School for Girls – Junior School, North Parramatta, NSW. In 2015, Denise was awarded the Tara Threads Staff Scholarship. This provided an opportunity to research current theories and evidence underpinning the purposes and principles of assessment and feedback. Through undertaking ACER’s Graduate Certificate of Education (Assessment of Student Learning), attending conferences and working with colleagues from around the country, the goal was to transform assessment at Tara into a meaningful, relevant and accessible tool to enhance student learning.
      • Professor Shelley Dole is Head of School, School of Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Over the 25 years she has been in education, she has taught in primary, secondary and tertiary teaching institutions throughout Australia. Shelley has led two major Australian Research Council projects and has been involved in several major research projects in Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. The focus of her presentation will be the QCT initiated report she co-authored, ‘Teachers using classroom data well: Identifying key features of effective practice’.
      Provider: ISQ
      Platform: ZOOM Webinar
      Target Audience: Principals, school leaders, education leaders
      DateTime (ACT, NSW, Victoria) 
      Thursday, 30 March 201701:30 PM - 07:00 PMNo Webcast
    • Digital textbooks in schools - Products, Strategies and Experiences
      This interactive webinar will begin with 4 short sessions from 4 Australian vendors with E-book offerings. Once complete the vendors will leave the session and we will hear the experiences of 3 independent school librarians who have been part of an e-Book implementations. Q & A and participant discussion is encouraged at all times.

      Vendor Sessions

      1)    LearningField: : Easing the transition to digital texts: supporting individual teaching practice and integrating the learning experience for the student; going beyond the traditional booklist across all digital platforms.
      2)    readcloud: One platform for your school e-Books -  
      ReadCloud offers schools the ability to access their entire repertoire of digital content in one single sign-on, cross platform, native app
      - both static PDF’s/ePubs together with publisher interactive content.  
      3)    CAMPION - 
      Campion Education provides a single source for all your eText needs, together with your traditional textbook requirements. We recognise the specific needs of each school, providing a total solution that combines native apps, fully interactive content, and access to new content providers in a single sign on environment
      4)    Pearson -   
      Live demonstration of our e-books specifically Maths 2nd Edition and will touch on our new" lightbook" starter formative assessment tool.

      Liz Skinner (Library & Information Services Director - Stuartholme School) will discuss the choice to use digital textbooks within the bigger context of resourcing the curriculum to maximize student learning.  This presentation will start a conversation about the broader factors influencing the decision to invest in digital textbooks,the management of digital textbooks and the future directions of the textbook as we know it.

      Catriona White (Head Teacher Librarian -  Calrossy Anglican School) will discuss supplying 500 plus students with textbooks for core subjects including novels and plays, dealing with ReadCloud or independent publishers (Pros and Cons), student perspective (physical verses digital or both), cost to school – sustainability.

      Leanne Miller (Head of Library Services – Brigidine College (St. Ives)) will discuss the introduction of Campion “myConnect” 4 years ago. With every faculty selecting textbooks from different publishers, this product offers all digital textbooks in one convenient location. This session will cover what we have learned over this time…and may be a presentation of what not to do!
      AITSL Standards for teachers:
      • Mrs Catriona White
      • Mrs Leanne Miller
      • Mrs Liz Skinner
      • Catriona is Head Teacher Librarian at Calrossy Anglican School in NSW
      • Leanne is Head of Library Services – Brigidine College (St. Ives)) - NSW
      • Liz has 15+ years’ experience as a secondary Teacher-Librarian, currently employed as the Library and Information Services Director at Stuartholme School (Brisbane, Queensland) Beginning the journey as a Ph D candidate at UQ with a thesis exploring the differences in reading comprehension when reading from print and digital resources.
      Provider: ISDCN
      Platform: ZOOM Webinar
      Target Audience: librarians, ICT managers and teachers
      DateTime (ACT, NSW, Victoria) 
      Wednesday, 10 May 201704:00 PM - 05:30 PMView Webcast
    • High Resolves - School Leaders Webinar: A New Way to Lead
      • How can I ensure my staff identify themselves as being part of a single cohesive group?
      • How can I inspire my school community to work together to achieve our strategic priorities?
      • Is there a mismatch between how I lead and how my team wants to be led?

      In our upcoming school leaders webinar, Mehrdad Baghai, author of the New York Times best-seller “As One” will share his knowledge and help you hone the skills you need to face a timeless leadership challenge: how do I get large numbers of individuals working together effectively to achieve a shared purpose? To be specific in the context of school leadership, how do I get students, staff, parents and the wider community to work ‘As One’ to build a better school?

      Mehrdad coined the term “As One” to mean an effective and sustainable exercise of collective action. It defines the choices that individuals, leaders and organisations make about how they interact to achieve common goals. It is a leadership discipline that enables school leaders to connect with their team’s hearts and minds, and channel their energies and actions to achieve results.

      High Resolves is proudly supported by the following education partners:
      • The University of Melbourne
      • The University of Queensland
      • University of Technology (Sydney)

      Terms & Conditions - 
      AITSL Standards for teachers:
      • Mehrdad Baghai
      • Mehrdad Baghai is a world-renowned leadership expert, specialising in how leaders can best enable collective action. He began this research at Harvard University where he earned an M.P.P. as a Kennedy Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government as well as a J.D. with high honours at Harvard Law School. He runs a global advisory boutique, Alchemy Growth Partners, from Sydney. Previously, he completed a three-year term as an Executive Director of the CSIRO and was the co-leader of the worldwide growth practice at McKinsey & Company. Together with his wife Roya, Mehrdad founded High Resolves, a not-for-profit educational initiative that has empowered over 130,000 teenagers since 2005 to be purposeful global citizens and leaders.
      Provider: High Resolves
      Platform: ZOOM Webinar
      Target Audience: established and emerging school leaders
      DateTime (ACT, NSW, Victoria) 
      Monday, 07 August 201703:45 PM - 04:45 PMView Webcast
    • The Teacher Performance and Development Symposium - 2017
      Leading Fiercely – Developing others for peak performance
      This symposium, with a focus on enabling high quality teaching in every classroom, will discuss and lead participants to:
      • close the gap between organisation performance and existing potential
      • explore how educational decision making can be informed by identity and personal competence
      • develop the expectation of excellence and growth.

      "People, their knowledge, relationships and the extent to which they are encouraged and enabled by management to create and innovate, increasingly determine how value is created for their organisation." - Steve Vamos

      In this 6 hour virtual event you will see and hear all presentations and can choose to share and interact through "chat" tools provided. A host will monitor the virtual audience and relay questions and comments to the presenters and live audience. You will also be given access to session recordings after the event.
      AITSL Standards for teachers:
      • Lisa Ehrich
      • Mr Derek Scott
      • Mr Steve Vamos
      • Associate Professor Author of “Leading Beautifully” Lisa works within the Education Systems and Specialist Studies in Education discipline at the Queensland University of Technology. She is a member of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders and has research interests in mentoring for professionals, school leadership and principalship. She has insight into leading and managing people, leadership concepts, theories and issues.
      • Principal Haileybury School Derek joined Haileybury in 2002 and was appointed Principal in December of 2007. He has worked extensively on curriculum development for the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and has had books published on the issues of globalisation, international studies, and global terrorism.
      • KEYNOTE Steve has more than 30 years’ international experience in the information technology and online media industry. He currently serves as a non-executive director for Telstra and Fletcher Building Limited, and is a member of the Advisory Board of the University of Technology Sydney Business School. He is also a non-executive director and advisor to a range of Australian organisations, which span from start-ups through to large established companies. He was the founder and President of the Society for Knowledge Economics (SKE).
      Provider: ISQ
      Platform: ZOOM Webinar
      Target Audience: Deans/ Directors of Teaching/ Heads of Curriculum
      DateTime (ACT, NSW, Victoria) 
      Thursday, 10 August 201712:00 PM - 06:00 PMNo Webcast
    • Developing an internationally minded education with the International Baccalaureate
      The International Baccalaureate programmes for students from 3-19 years of age are now taught in over 5000 schools worldwide across a range of socio-economic conditions.  Over 60% of IB schools worldwide are state/provincial schools.  In Australia there are over 290 programmes implemented across State, Catholic and Independent sectors.  

      This webinar has three goals:  First, to explain how the IB curriculum supports learner agency through an inclusive, international minded pedagogy focussed on learning that is relevant, significant, challenging, and engaging.  The motivation for learning is to create a better and more peaceful world.  Collaborative IB learning communities value differentiation, plan authentic tasks through transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary and discipline approaches, and value action and reflection.  The second goal is to explain the research agenda of the IB and present summaries of research from UK, Australia, NZ, and USA on academic achievements and the ‘non-academic’ advantages of IB programmes.   The final goal is to provide a brief overview of the processes of becoming an IB school. 
      AITSL Standards for teachers:
      • Dr Marcia Behrenbruch
      • Dr Marcia Behrenbruch has had over 35 years of teaching experience in Canada, The Netherlands, Western Australia, Vietnam, Victoria (Australia) and Singapore. She has a BSc from the University of British Columbia, an MEd from Monash university and completed her doctoral studies at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. She has been involved in teaching in IB schools since 2000. For the last 7 years she has worked for the International Baccalaureate as Head of Professional Development and Head of School Services in Singapore. She is now the regional manager for the IB in Australasia, based in Melbourne.
      Provider: International Baccalaureate, Australasia.
      Platform: ZOOM Webinar
      Target Audience: principals, heads of school, directors of teaching and learning and leading teachers.
      DateTime (ACT, NSW, Victoria) 
      Tuesday, 22 August 201703:45 PM - 04:45 PMView Webcast
    • Next generation of learning management system LMS
      Most schools and 99% of tertiary institutions run an LMS however less than 50% use the LMS to promote interaction outside of the classroom. The following will be discussed:

      ·  Where is the Learning Management System (LMS) heading

      ·  What are the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

      ·  How flexible are LMS’s in coping with flexibility, diverse learning styles, flipped classrooms, online discussions and the ability to work  collaboratively

      ·  How the future LMS needs to working with cloud based applications, mash-up interfaces and working to support UDL
      AITSL Standards for teachers:
      • Mr Ralph Springett
      • Ralph Springett is an experienced manager, governor, and leader of change in education organisations through capability development, 21st century teaching and learning design, and leveraging technology. Ralph has worked across the tertiary and compulsory schooling sectors in private business roles, change management and leadership. Ralph is currently the Learning Technology Group manager at WelTec and Whitireia and is a director of ReGear Learning Ltd
      Provider: Wellington Institute of Technology
      Platform: ZOOM Webinar
      Target Audience: Middle/Senior Management and Teachers using a LMS
      DateTime (ACT, NSW, Victoria) 
      Wednesday, 30 August 201702:00 PM - 03:00 PMView Webcast
    • Blockchain: What it means for education
      Blockchain is a transformative technology that will impact almost every sector of the economy.  Education will be one of the hot zones.  Nick Giurietto, is the CEO of the Australian Digital Commerce Association which advocates for the responsible adoption of blockchain technology.  He will share his thoughts on how blockchain will impact the education sector including educational certification, micro-credentials and lifetime learning.
      AITSL Standards for teachers:
      • Nick Giurietto
      • Nick Giurietto is Chief Executive of the Australian Digital Commerce Association, Australia’s industry representative council for organisations driving business change and developing new business models using blockchain technology. ADCCA exists to encourage the responsible adoption of blockchain technology as a means to drive innovation in service delivery across all sectors of the economy. Successful innovation using blockchain will require new levels of collaboration between business partners and with government. Nick’s focus is on education, collaboration and regulatory reform to enable this to happen. Nick was responsible for the development of the Australian Digital Currency Code of Conduct which establishes best practice standards for digital currency businesses in Australia and has been modelled in other countries. Nick has worked with the Australian Government on issues including the taxation treatment of digital currencies, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing regulations and identifying use cases for deployment of blockchain solutions within government. Nick is a member of the Standards Australia Technical Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards and a participant in the International Standards Organisation Study Group on Identity on the Blockchain. Nick has lived and worked in 6 countries - Australia, Egypt, Germany, Austria, UK and USA.
      Provider: Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association
      Platform: ZOOM Webinar
      Target Audience: ICT Managers, Business Managers & Technology teachers
      DateTime (ACT, NSW, Victoria) 
      Friday, 06 October 201710:30 AM - 11:30 AMView Webcast
    • New licensing for your upcoming Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Renewal
      This webinar will cover the key changes to the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) licensing program which will impact the 1st January 2019 Microsoft EES renewal. The new EES licensing program will provide broader access to cloud solutions and the ability for schools to better direct their technology spend to more accurately reflect the usage of Microsoft cloud services and software. These changes will help simplify and standardise how schools license both online services and software. Along with additional student use benefits and access to free, online services for light users, school will get more value for organization-wide commitment. 

      • Monica Ganatra – Academic Commercial Executive - Microsoft
      • Natalie Kolta – Account Executive - Microsoft
      • Dan Bowen – Technology Strategist - Microsoft
      • Fabienne Allen - Account Manager – Software Licensing Solutions – Data #3

      AITSL Standards for teachers:
      Provider: Microsoft
      Platform: ZOOM Webinar
      Target Audience: ICT Managers, Bursars and ICT coordinators
      DateTime (ACT, NSW, Victoria) 
      Tuesday, 21 August 201801:30 PM - 02:30 PMView Webcast
    • Protecting students and staff when abroad
      Increasingly, schools are expected to provide an enriching well-rounded experience for their students. This includes providing extra-curricular opportunities for overseas travel and exploration that allows them to experience the value of other cultures first hand.

      But in providing these services, you will want to ensure the well-being of your students and peace-of-mind for parents is guaranteed. Identifying and managing risk is the only way to ensure a safe and successful trip for your students and staff, whether they are staying close to home or heading overseas. For over 30 years, International SOS has helped schools around the globe deliver truly inclusive education by providing advice and support as they take students and staff away from the classroom to gain the broadest possible education.

      Join this webinar to learn how you can mitigate medical, emotional and security risks whilst supporting the wellbeing of your staff and students overseas.


      Annemaree Jones
      Risk Manager
      Scotch College Melbourne

      Andrew Waters
      Assistant Principal
      Pacific Hills Christian School

      Dr Natalie Yuen
      Deputy Medical Director, Assistance Services, Australasia
      International SOS

      James Robertson
      Regional Security Director, Australasia
      International SOS

      AITSL Standards for teachers:
      Provider: International SOS
      Platform: ZOOM Webinar
      Target Audience: school staff with involvement in school trips
      DateTime (ACT, NSW, Victoria) 
      Monday, 27 August 201804:00 PM - 05:00 PMView Webcast
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