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​​Content and Collaboration Services

This "pillar" was the cornerstone of the original project and now a refined collection of services becomes the core offering to all independent schools in a sustained TtEDSC entity. Our focus is on synchronous virtual educational experiences for students, parents, teachers & administrators of independent schools nationally.

The National Presentation Network (NPN) will be the main catalogue and communication channel for most sessions.  A centralized Sharepoint/Dynamic CRM portal will handle:

·         Core project information and documents

·         Portal (network) registration – subscription and payment gateways

·         Event registration & reminders

·         Event participation certification

·         Webcasts of past events

Session content will constantly evolve with additions made on an ongoing basis. The experiences offered will be driven by web conferencing (Blackboard Collaborate) and video conferencing (ZOOM) technologies in most cases. Other platforms may be used for AIS specific events.

Specific initiatives include:

·         Professional learning webinars for staff under Management, T& L and Vendor categories

·         Virtual Excursions and Expert Lessons for students under the "Special Event" channel

·         A National Virtual Debating competition

Some residual services from the original project will remain available including:

·         iSee Immersive VC platform for research activity by schools

·         Online Indigenous Awareness course

The "YourTutor" "just in time" student tutoring service is offered to members but not managed by TtEDSC. They achieved good results with schools in the original project and are now sponsors of the project. Schools can make their own arrangements with the vendors.​