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​Original Project - Projected Outcomes and Benefits

Outcomes Benefit Key Deliverables
The use of Video Conferencing tools become an established pedagogy by teachers in project schoolsStudents get to experience places and instruction virtually, that would not be possible given the physical location of their school or financial or time constraints
  • Encoder endpoints installed approx. 60 schools
  • VC Network configuration on approx. 75 endpoints
  • Session management platform established and content program established
  • PD program in place
Ad-hoc point to point Video Conferencing becomes common place in project schoolsEnhanced quality of communication between schools and the organisations that assist them
  • School address index established as part of above
Hundreds of teachers and/or administrators have presented to a national audience using a web conferencing toolA sharing of knowledge on a national scale and professional pride

National Presentation network

  • Advertising nationally to all independent schools
  • PD program in place for use of Conferencing tool
  • Pilot program established & implemented
  • Ongoing programs created and implemented
Thousands of teachers and/or administrators have received professional learning through a web conference presentationOver a million dollars has been saved through time and travel for professional learning and more professional learning overall has been experienced
  • ….As above
  • Plus Repository procedures established
Many boarding school students are assisted by an online tutorBetter grades for students and wellbeing for teachers and parents


  • service implemented – largely vendor managed
Over 10,000 students experience an online Indigenous awareness courseA leading consultant in this area gets his point across the thousands more students than would have been possible before

Indigenous Unit

  • Animation & Video Media sequences completed
  • Web site created
  • School accounts activated
Schools receive a proportion of their technical services from off-campus facilitiesFinancial savings, better security and expertise spread to a wider scope

Managed Services

  • Service selections completed
  • Site surveys completed by vendor
  • Services begin
Schools can store video media off campus in a cloud facilityFinancial savings, better security and expertise spread to a wider scope
  • Repository service and procedures established with schools
Hundreds of teachers have had their classroom practise evaluated with video analysis while causing less disruption for peers and the ​students they teachBetter teaching practice, better student outcomes

IRIS Platform

  • service implemented – largely vendor managed
Schools take better records and have more efficient review processes for teacher developmentBetter teaching practice, better student outcomes and a more accountable executive team

Appretio Platform

  • service implemented – largely vendor managed
Over 13 Australian vendors do more business through project commitmentsBeneficial for the Australian economy in general and the Australian ICT industry in particular
Some AIS organisations work together for the first timeBenefits for independent education as a whole
Australians understand what can be achieved with NBN level connectivity A contribution to the future of Australia