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​​Original Project - Vendors

Given the number and complexity of services involved in the project it is not surprising that a large number of vendors have been engaged. They all have an excellent chance over the two year deployment to demonstrate the worth of their products and services and how they are optimal running at NBN level connectivity. All vendors offering direct services to schools have given a significant "in-kind" contribution to the project.

 * in alphabetic order

Vendor ​Service

​Amazon Web Services

​Storage capability for a Digital Media Repository (DMR)


​The "Collaborate" web conferencing tool will be used as the platform for the National Presentation Network


​Animation & Video for Indigenous Awareness site


Providing three separate services to the Project:

  • Supply of Premium VC network & content
  • Distributer for Polycom encoders
  • Distributor of IRIS service in Australia


​​Video analysis service for formative classroom practice for teachers


​Portal for Indigenous Cultural Awareness online course


​Encoders & Peripherals for Premium VC service

​Smart Services CRC

​iSee virtual world VC platform service

​Somerville Group (IsNet)

​Managed Services - hybrid & cloud management for technical services

​Tom Kirk Indigenous Consultant

​Provision of Indigenous Cultural Awareness online course

​Tutoring Australasia

​YourTutor Online tutoring service

​Twig World

Online curriculum support -  2-3 minute films with associated teaching & learning tools