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​​​​​Service Overview​

2017 Virtual Excursions Flier (PDF)

This service aims to provide a process for Australian independent schools to engage with 3rd party providers of virtual excursions and virtual expert lessons. It provides the following to member schools:

  • ​A software platform to connect to providers - we use the ZOOM conferencing service. A big advantage for schools is that schools can connect either through a desktop computer or a dedicated encoder (codec) device. Desktop access allows most schools with reasonable Internet service to engage with these types of experiences.
  • Hosting and support by ISDCN media staff
  • A process that allows schools to pick when they would like to run a particular excursion with the hope that it correlates more closely with relevant academic programs and school calendars
  • a single point of accounting. Schools will not have to deal with providers directly instead being invoiced through AISNSW.

How it works​

The following process will be offered:

  1. ​educators can see the list of available suppliers, read about their offerings and elect to take a particular excursions at the advertised fee
  2. schools will then use the online booking form to:
    1. select a provider
    2. select an excursion or lesson
    3. nominate three possible date/times​

  3. ISDCN will then negotiate with the provider and hopefully confirm one of the date/times suitable to the provider
  4. ​ISDCN sets up the event and adds to event calendar. The originating school chooses whether to allow other schools access to the same booking. Cost of the excursion is shared in these cases if other registrations are lodged
  5. originating school confirms intent by registering and paying through the portal
  6. ISDCN media staff provide an orientation session​ to establish connectivity and peripherals are adequate
  7. ISDCN​ hosts your excursion​