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​​​​​​Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation


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​​Discover the amazing world of nuclear science from your classroom.

Most popular excursions:

Nuclear Science Inquiry Skills

In this two-lesson plus homework program your students plan and conduct an investigation first hand
Lesson 1 (in class): As a class, students:
- Develop an aim and hypothesis
- Select appropriate equipment
- Write an experimental method
- Assess risks
Lesson 2 (videoconference): As a class, students:
            - Perform the investigation remotely with the help of an ANSTO Education officer
- Record their results
- Answer questions about the reliability, validity of the experiment
- Consider real-life applications of their results
 Post work or homework: Students: 
- Display their results appropriately
- Write a discussion to assess reliability, validity and accuracy, and relate their results to real-life applications
- Write a conclusion

Student worksheets, lists of available equipment, background reading and example experiments are available on our website.

Target audience: Years 5-12

Duration: 45-60 minutes (depending on class time)

Cost: Free

Bookings: Teachers can book this program at a time and date that suits your class, but please book at least 2 weeks before your preferred date.

Meet an Expert

In this two-lesson plus homework program students will gather, process and present information about a practising Australian scientist. Our staff are experienced science communicators and can talk to primary and secondary students at an appropriate level.    
​Lesson 1 (in class or at home): As a class, students:
- Gather information about the scientist and their research from secondary sources
- Prepare interview questions for the scientist during the videoconference
 Lesson 2 (videoconference): As a class, students:
            - Interview the scientist
- Gather first-hand information from the scientist            
​Post work or homework: Students: 
- ​​Present information about the scientist in a research task format selected by the teacher

Upcoming “Meet an Expert” sessions are posted on our website. Please note that we have booked our speakers for a 3 hour time slot. When you book one of these sessions, we will contact you by email and ask you to select a 30 minute period within this time slot for your students to talk with our expert.

Target audience: Years 5-12

Duration: 30 minutes 

Cost: Free

HSC Chemistry and Physics revision​

Students and teachers from multiple schools collaborate to study and revise senior syllabus dot points via videoconference.            
Pre-work: Groups of 3-4 students:
- Prepare 2-3 minute presentations about a syllabus dot point
- Select visual props, demonstrations and/or a poster to illustrate their presentation       
Videoconference session: Student groups:
- Present their 2-3 min presentations to their class and other classes via videoconference
- Receive feedback from teachers, ANSTO education officers and other students
- Ask questions after presentations from other groups
- Write personal study notes      
Post work or homework: Students: ​
- Practice writing answers to past HSC questions about dot points covered in the videoconference
- Co-mark their answers by referring to marking guidelines and sample answers

Upcoming “HSC revision sessions” are posted on our website. Syllabus dot points covered, past HSC questions, marking guidelines and sample answers, and example student posters available on our website.

Target audience: Year 12

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free

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Available time slots for the commencement of excursions (AEDST - Sydney/Melbourne time): 
(Essential for US & UK providers)

8.30AM -  3.30AM AEDST​

Contact Details for schools seeking further information:

Phone number: +61297173090 

Contact Email:

Business Address:  ANSTO Discovery Centre (B65), New Illawarra Rd, Lucas Heights, NSW 2234 ​

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