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Electronic Field Trips are 45-minute, two-way interactive sessions that allow classrooms to take full advantage of Liberty Science Center’s exhibitions and lab facilities directly from the schools location. Our high- quality programs immerse students in learning that involves critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation with hands-on, minds-on, project-based activities that focus on content and methodology. Usually, virtual connections are made through one of the following distance-learning platforms: FieldTripZoom , Google Hangouts, or IP Connection.​ Zoom will be used for ISDCN excursions.

Most popular excursions:

Chemical Reactions

Choose one of the following reactions to support your students’ learning: decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, synthesis, or combustion.

Target audience: Years 6 to 8 

Cost: $US225  for sessions up to 30 students

Forensic Science: Gotham Detective​

This program includes a kit that is mailed out 1 week prior to program date Conduct an investigation and analyze evidence to build a case against one of the city’s notorious criminal masterminds before it’s too late.

Target audience: Years 6 to 12

Cost: $US300 for  for sessions up to 30 students

Animal Adaptations

Animals from our collection illustrate how the environment influences traits and how variations of traits in a population increase some animals’ probability of surviving and reproducing in a specific environment.

Target audience: Years 3 to 8

Cost: $US225

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Available time slots for the commencement of excursions (AEDST - Sydney/Melbourne time): 


8:30 am (6:30 pm US) 

9:00 am (7:00 pm US)

 9:30 am (7:30 pm US) 

10:00 am (8:00 pm US)

Contact Details for schools seeking further information:"

Liberty Science Center 222 Jersey City Boulevard Jersey City, New Jersey 07305 

Mary McDonald, Director, Group Relations & Partnerships (201) 253-1214, 

Rosa Catala, Director, STEM Innovation (201) 253-1381,

Request an excursion <here​>​