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The ​Manly Environment Centre ​


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Description of services: ​

The Manly Environment Centre (MEC) has been operating since 1991.  Set up as an action and education based environment centre promoting sustainable living practices through practical projects, as part of the Northern Beaches Council. Our aim is to act as a research and education centre – an environmental educator to enable and encourage collaboration locally, nationally and globally via digital technology.

Our ability to provide access to artists, scientists and experts in all fields of the environment and sustainability, allows us to offer lively and informative presentations to students in a range of ages. 

Our excursions support teachers to deliver Sustainability, Arts, as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures education, and are aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Most popular excursions:

Excursion 1: Say No To single Use Plastic + Plastic Free Challenge

In ‘Say No to Single Use Plastics’ students will be encouraged to participate in a challenge given knowledge and resources to educate and inform them on choices around how they can eliminate Single Use Plastic in their daily lives. There will be videos, quizzes, data to collect, new words to learn, songs, single use plastic to collect and an art installation to be created. Session are fun and informative.

Sessions Include:
Impacts of plastic in our environment in a local and global context​
Short films and discussion
Guest speakers 
Student Challenge
Data Gathering
Art component
Reflection learnings

Curriculum links: ST3-2VA; ST2-11LW: ST3-16P

Target audience: Years 3 & 4;  5 & 6 

Duration: Four 45-minute sessions – the 4 Big Offenders

Cost: Free

Excursion 2: Biodiversity Month + includes Threatened Species Day​

In support of Biodiversity Month and including Threatened Species Day, students are encouraged to learn about Biodiversity, our endangered native flora and fauna; local and global; solutions and change. Students learn individually and as a class how to help protect these animals and their habitats. 

Sessions include a number of educational videos, discussions, tasks that encourage students to: -

engage with nature
gather data
Understand the effect of their actions on the environment
Create an art piece related to learnings

Curriculum links: ST2-11LW

Target audience: Years 3/4; 5/6 students

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: Free​

Available time slots for the commencement of excursions (AEDST - Sydney/Melbourne time): 

9am–4pm AEST Mon-Friday​

Contact Details for schools seeking further information:

Contact: Robynne Millward
Address:  Manly NSW
Contact email:
Contact phone number: (02) 9976 1426

Request an excursion <here​>​