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National Science & Technology Centre


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Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre and its program​s are administered within the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. Questacon strives to promote greater understanding and awareness of science and technology within the community. they're committed to making that experience fun, interactive, and relevant.​

Each year, they welcome over 430 000 visitors to our two our facilities in Canberra while more than 660 000 see their exhibitions in other museums and centres around Australia and overseas. Their Outreach Programmes take to the roads each year, visiting an additional 110 000 in towns and communities across the country.​ They also offer Virtual Excursions with video conferencing to all Australian schools. ​​

Most popular excursions:

All of Questacon's virtual excursions are FREE.​

Under the Sea 

Students will explore life in our ocean, how physical aspects of the deep sea makes it hard to explore and the innovations and endeavours humans have taken to travel to our deepest ocean trenches.

Target audience: Years K- 6
Duration: 1 hour

Cost: Free

Encryption Decryption

Students will explore the history of using mathematics to hide information, from Julius Caesar to modern computer science. They will investigate how encrypting information keeps their information safe every day, how they can use maths and language to break decipher encryptions from their friends in class, and how Alan Turing saved lives by breaking the Enigma Code in World War II.

Target audience: Years 6 - 10
Duration: 1 hour

Cost: Free

Foldable Flight​

Students will investigate how design factors can influence flight by making paper planes and drawing examples from real planes. Students will be encouraged to experiment with different elements of their paper plane to explore various aerospace engineering design features.

Target audience: Years 3 - 10
Duration: 1 hour

Cost: Free

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​Excursions from this provider are only offered at set times. Please see current listing for Term 2 & 3 2017 <here​>

Contact Details for schools seeking further information:

Questacon - Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre
60 Denison St, Deakin, 2600 ACT
Ph: 1800 889 995 

Request an excursion <here>​