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What teachers have wished for is finally available! An online weekly video resource called Every Chance to Dance that provides arts, health and physical education curriculum outcomes for primary school students. At click of a button, this resource reduces teacher workload and stress whilst actively engaging students in new ways that develops their movement skills, self confidence and improves their overall health and wellbeing.

 Every Chance to Dance is designed to be inclusive not exclusive. It provides every student the opportunity to participate and receive the incredible benefits that arts, health and well-being programs provide.



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Partnership Offer to Members

All ISDCN members that subscribe to Every Chance to Dance will receive a special discounted price offer that provide significant savings. See link below for special link and coupon code.​

 Every Chance to Dance resource subscription provides access to the following:

  • Weekly video lessons - 30 minute structured lessons delivered across 4 modules one for each term of the year.
  • Teacher pre lesson video tips- 3minute quick lesson overview video that prepares teachers for each lesson.
  • Teacher lesson plans- Lesson plan breakdowns that detail direct links to learning outcomes aligned with Australian Curriculum for arts, health and Physical Education.
  • Teacher assessment templates – Assessment template guides that support teacher assessment and reporting.
  • Original designed music files – Age appropriated, positive and relevant music that connects with students.
  • Automatic access to module upgrades – Keeps you updated on new material.
  • Access to bonus material –Provides additional options and lesson extension ideas.
  • Professional learning support – Provides training opportunities through Webinars, and video screencasts on how to dos.  



An ISDCN login is required to access the offer document link below. New users can obtain this <here>

Access Discounted subscription details <here>

More Information​​​

Suzi Owusu
Every Chance to Dance 
PO BOX 1654
Tuggeranong Business Centre 2900
Canberra ACT
Mobile: 0432 538 862