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Creating a positive customer experience is a key challenge. An effective engagement strategy encompasses every aspect of your business and delivers relevant and engaging interactions at every touch point. At Clade we draw on the latest insights into customer engagement and retention to create innovative solutions that deliver exceptional customer experiences. We deploy business applications with surprising speed by leveraging the pre-built, configurable functionality and highly flexible, service-oriented architecture of Microsoft’s cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. But what sets us apart is our down-to-earth and collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to drive their business success.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Partnership Offer to Members

Title: Beautiful dashboards at your finger tips

School dashboard provides insights on student enrolment, school services and to plan for future growth. Understanding trends in student admission can mean the difference between having the necessary campus resources and teachers and facing overcrowding. This visualisation reflects real data of institution and provide high-level views of school and further filter data with drill-down capabilities for true decision-making power. 

Free discovery workshop, and delivery of 2 executive dashboards at 60% discount within days
Discovery Requirement gathering, dashboards on whiteboard, dataset understanding
Build Connect to excel or CSV datasource
Dashboard Building 2 dashboards in Power BI
Cost: $3,500 (normally $7,500)

Title: Is your school Mobile ready?
Figures suggest that by 2017, 90% of the internet will be accessed through mobile. That means websites and web applications need to be responsive - properly displayed on mobile devices of all sizes. Websites that aren’t responsive will be considered ancient in the coming years. Do you want your school to be considered ancient? You want the parents to be able to order their children’s uniforms, books, and education trips in the same way they can book their hotel on or your taxi with Uber. And we can help realising this.

Review of all your digital assets – website, portals, web apps, mobile apps.
Discovery           Requirement gathering workshop
Analysis                   Review of the digital assets
Recommendations Report with recommendations to improve the mobile user experience
Cost: $3,500 (normally $7,500)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​More Information​

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CLADE Solutions | Consulting | Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Business Intelligence
Suite 3, Level 2 | 9-13 Young Street | Sydney, NSW 2000
Mobile: 0410 404 884