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Botanic Garden and Centennial Sydney offer video conferences with a strong science and cultural focus. Our dynamic and passionate educators engage your students and bring science to life using a combination of live plant materials, models and microscopes. Inspire your students to learn creatively on topics from plant lifecycles and pollination to studies on ancient flora. 

Our video conferences are aligned to Australian Curriculum outcomes and offer a unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of plants and the conservation role of botanic gardens

Most popular excursions:

Seed Stories

Learn about the importance of seeds within a plant life cycle and explore a variety of seeds and discover more               about their amazing features. 
Learn about plant life cycles and seed dispersal (helicopters, gliders, floaters and hitchhikers)
Discover more about seeds and their journey through our PlantBank facility where they are researched, studied             and stored for future use
Learn about the PlantBank facility at the Australian Botanic Garden and some of the scientific work carried out               here.
Recall the parts of flowering plants; such as roots, stem, leaves and flowers
Recognise the ways flowers are pollinated and seeds form
Describe the ways different seed structures allow for different methods of seed dispersal
Model a helicopter seed

Target audience: Years K-2

Cost: $300

Plant Experiments 

Students will learn how scientists devise experiments and develop their skills in applying the processes of working scientifically as they plan a fair investigation into the factors which influence seed germination. Students will be guided through the process of experimental design and be given the skills to plan their own fair tests.

Your students will learn about the PlantBank facility at the Australian Botanic Garden and some of the scientific              work carried out here. 
Make observations using the microscopes and other equipment at PlantBank. 
Discuss the requirements of plants as living things and the ways they meet their needs;
Observe models, live plant material and microscope views of various aspects of seed germination; and
Investigate the design of fair tests and ways to gather data to draw evidence-based conclusions and develop                 explanations.

Target audience: Years 5 to 6

Cost: $300

Evolution and Adaptation of Australian Plants

Recall the movement of the continental plates moving over millions of years, and explore that Australia was once         part of Gondwana
Examine fossil evidence of Glossopteris, flora found in Australia and other parts of Gondwana 200 million years             ago
Examine fossils of the extinct Agathis jurassica and compare this to living plant material from the modern kauri             pine, and the Wollemi pine
Observe flowers of native species of angiosperms, and become skilled in identifying the pollination adaptations             of Australian native plants

 Australian Curriculum Outcomes: Science Content 
The theory of evolution by natural selection explains the diversity of living things and is supported by a range of scientific evidence (ACSSU185)
Life has existed on Earth for approximately 3.5 billion years and has changed and diversified over time (ACSBL088)
Interpret a range of scientific and media texts, and evaluate processes, claims and conclusions by considering the quality of available evidence; and use reasoning to construct scientific arguments ACSBL034 

Target audience: Years 10 - 12

Cost: $300

Note - Multiple classes can take the conference for the one overall fee

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Available time slots for the commencement of excursions (AEDST - Sydney/Melbourne time): 

8.30AM -  4.00PM AEDST​

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Phone number: 0292318127
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Business Address:  Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney

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