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​​​​​​​Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner


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Description of services: ​

Using webinar learning, Virtual Classrooms allow an Outreach trainer to reach many schools, even in remote areas. The range of online safety presentation cover popular topics, include complementary classroom resources and feature interactive questions.​

Most popular excursions:

Keep it sweet online - Middle and upper primary

The presentation will assist students to: 
understand their rights as a child for safety, respect and privacy        
identify behaviours online from adults or older students which are inappropriate or unsafe
be empowered to identify and seek help from people within their trusted adult network
know where to find support when they are being cyberbullied or receiving unwanted contact

Target audience: Years 3, 4,5 & 6

Cost: $0

Duration: 40 minutes

Keeping safe in the game - Upper primary

The presentation will assist students to:
identify ways that strangers may try to seek personal information online
balance online time with other activities
use safe strategies when gaming to avoid cyberbullying or unwanted contact
recognise the implications of in-app purchases
seek support if they are experiencing cyberbullying or feel unsafe when gaming.

Target audience: Years 4, 5 and 6

Cost: $0

Duration: 40 minutes

What’s your brand? - Lower and middle secondary

The presentation will assist students to:
identify elements that make a brand recognisable or popular
discuss how a brand or company’s reputation can be damaged
identify how an individual can damage their own digital reputation by what they post
analyse ways to build a positive digital brand
recognise strategies to control their information and images online.

Target audience: Years 7, 8, 9 and 10

Cost: $0

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Available time slots for the commencement of excursions (AEDST - Sydney/Melbourne time): 

These excursions are offered at set times​.​​

Contact Details for schools seeking further information:

Phone number: 03 9963 6913

Contact Email:

Request an excursion: Excursions from this provider are advertised at set times. Please see ISDCN weekly newsletter or look at events tab.